MagAssemble LLC is a start-up company commercializing Pattern Transfer NanomanufacturingTM, a technology developed in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas M. Crawford at the University of South Carolina.

Using Pattern Transfer NanoManufacturing (PTNM™) platform, MagAssemble manufactures nano-to-micro scale custom patterns with ~10 nanometer resolution and nanometer-to-centimeter areas to create optical coatings and diffractive optical elements. The MagAssemble nanomanufacturing process creates templates which organize ferrous nanoparticles (~10 nm diameter) into nanopartice patterns. These nanoparticle patterns can then be used to create both simple and complex optical designs/functionalities for optical systems such as fiber optics, lenses, and optical sensors.  The nanopatterns can be directly built into not only flat surfaces of Si, glass, fused silica and optical fibers to create high quality, robust and miniaturized optical components, but also curve surfaces of lenses to reduce design complexity and component weight. These functionalities can be realized without sacrificing PTNM’s low cost and simplicity, which commercial alternatives currently can’t provide.  MagAssemble has demonstrated prototype PTNM™ optical coatings, high efficiency reflection Si and transmission SiO2 diffraction gratings, and pump (980 nm)-signal (C band) combiners